Judging Criteria Overviews, and how the winners get chosen as Miss Persian (MPA 2018)

In the Evening Gown competition (MPA), the judge’s attention is focused not only on the contestant’s natural beauty, but also on her overall appearance, her confidence, the manner in which she carries herself, her fashion sense, her stage presence and her ability to project her individuality and special qualities. It’s not the gown being judged – it’s the young woman wearing it and how she looks in it.

Personality Interview
In the Personality Interview, the judges focus on two main criteria:
The overall appearance of each contestant (e.g., how she looks and presents herself) and each contestant’s personality. The interview gives the judges an opportunity to speak with each contestant. This is the judge’s opportunity to seek out each contestant’s inner beauty, personality and character. All of those qualities combined, will result in a titleholder who is outstanding, can communicate on many levels, and is secure enough to manage her responsibilities and enjoy her year.
Judge’s questions may come from a variety of subject areas. Your Knowledge about Iranian culture and geographic of Iran to evaluating each contestant’s responses, judges will consider not only the content of her answers, but also the manner in which she replies (i.e. her ability to express herself, eye contact, self-confidence, etc.)
The following are general topics of conversation:
• Education – years of school completed, extracurricular activities
• Family, knowledge about Iran in general   
• Special talents, training, or interests – arts, dance, music, and sport,
• Occupation – current employment, future ambitions.
• Travel experience or interests.
• Motivation to enter the pageant.
• What would she like to do with her title if chosen Miss Persian?
• What does success mean to her/how does one achieve success?
• Role of women in the world today.
• What does she like/dislike most about herself?

As the Judges evaluate the candidates, 
They bear in mind the tremendous role the title holder plays at both the national and international levels and the gigantic commitment expected of her during her reign.
They look for a young woman who:
• Radiates personality, natural beauty, class and elegance inside and out.
These qualifications will be analyzed by the judges through out the competition.
• Displays self-confidence, personality, charm, poise, and sincerity.
• Whether she is comfortable in new environments and meeting people from all walks of life.
• Will accept the responsibilities and pressures associated with title.
• Has a sense of maturity and dignity.
Any type of wrong doing or negative attitude will result in eliminating the contestant
How Miss Persian selected:
50% Judges
50% through the app and website